I'm Tim Forster, thanks for dropping by…

People want to know what I do, what makes me different, and how can I help them.

If you are interested in life insurance, you’re in the right place. I also provide planning advice on critical illness, disability insurance, and health benefits. I can help people get their financial house in order with cash flow management strategies and saving plans for their retirement.

If you had a change of health, an accident, or died tomorrow, what would happen to you, your family or your business?

It’s not an easy question but an important one… and if you are on an insurance agent’s website, maybe you are ready to have a chat.

Everyone’s situation and priorities are different. I enjoy the conversation because I get to find out what people love and care about.

After we decide what’s important we will quantify the need and I will present an action plan that provides options. In the end it will be your plan so you have to understand what you are purchasing and comfortable moving forward.

With almost 25 years of experience, I know my stuff and have relationships within the insurance, accounting, and legal professions to assist when things get technical.

I work with many traditional insurance companies as well as specialty companies that offer seniors life insurance as well as insurance for the hard to insure.

When you do business with me, you will get a written letter from me explaining the policy(s) you purchased, why you bought it, who it is meant to benefit, what premiums you will pay, what options are in the policy that you need to take notice, and what actions will need to be taken in the future. You will forget, so having a document with the policy is a valuable asset.

People find me an easy person to talk to and a person that they can trust to develop a plan that addresses their goals.

Start a conversation… Talk to Tim.

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Tim, Barb, Mary (Barb's mother), Patrick, Robert, and Ebony
"Tim is professional and thorough, he has taken care of my family and business insurance needs for years."
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